Turned around at the door and packed his service car

Hegnes had a problem with the central feeding system Thursday. I immediately got in touch with my trusted helper through many years, service manager at Fluctus Trond Vassnes.

Service technician Nils Vassnes – fresh back from an assignment in the extreme north of Norway (Finnmark), turned around at the door – packed his service car and was on site at Hegnes Friday morning. Friday night the central feeding system was back up. Saturday morning the system was fully operational and training carried through. Here at Kyravika and Hegnes, we find this very impressive. What is particularly comforting to me, is the fact that there are still crews in the aquaculture industry that turn up on site – on very short notice on a Friday, let alone a Saturday – to keep production and value creation going and thriving along the rugged coastline.

That being said; in my experience this is “just another day at the office” for Fluctus”, says Geir Lammetun, Operations Manager, Mowi.