Stable spreaders with intake above water level to prevent water entering the pipe. We also have a motorised spreader which allows the user to control where in the cage to spread the pellets.


Easy maintenance

Acid-proof pipes

Prevents water penetration

Bearing without risk of contamination

More about the products:

Our standard spreader is robust and known to be stable and user friendly.

Our motorised spreader takes spreading of pellets to a new level through its ability for user-controlled spreading. You can achieve a lower feed factor and a more even size of the fish at the same time as the feeding becomes more sustainable through reduced energy consumption and less wear on the feed hoses.

Environmental impact and cost reduction:

  • Reduced energy consumption on blowers, 30-50% reduction
  • Reduced wear of feed pipes.  Estimated more than double the life time of the feed pipes
  • Less breakage and dust. Estimated 30% reduction.
  • Lower F.C.R

User Experience: ( Feedback from customers)

  • Lower FCR.  Estimated 4-8%
  • More even sized the fish due to better feed access.
  • Less damage to the fish due to the fish being more dispersed in the cage. Less fighting for the feed.
  • Less dust and breakage due to lower air speed.  Estimated 30% reduction
  • Faster growth.  Estimated 10-20%
  • Reduced energy requirement per blower, about 40%
  • Allows for more intensive feeding
  • Especially good growth at cold temperatures for small fish.
Motorized spreader from Fluctus
Motorized spreader


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