Fluctus has built its product range with a focus on quality and ease of use. We contribute experience and expertise in dialogue with our customers, both in terms of customer adaptation within the current product areas and the development of new products for the industry.

Feed barges

For almost thirty years our employees have been involved in the design and production of more than two hundred feed barges for the aquaculture industry. In addition, we have drawing and design expertise with extensive experience from projects on boats and other barge concepts. Everything is drawn in 3D.

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Fluctus F5017

Feeding systems – sea and land

Our employees have experience from developing and supplying feeding solutions since the 1980s. They have delivered a total of more than 1000 feeding projects. We deliver both traditional feeding solutions and water feeding, both at sea and on land.

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Stable spreaders with intake above water level to prevent water entering the pipe. We also have a motorised spreader which allows the user to control where in the cage to spread the pellets.

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The management software for Fluctus feeding systems is intuitive and easy to use. It is designed to be robust and functional. Most operations can be performed directly from PLS, which ensures feeding even if the computer system should be down. We also supply software for ensilage- and barge control.

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We offer a variety of different ensilage tanks for use on barges or shore-based facilities. The ensilage solutions can be supplied with their own control system.

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Shore power

Fluctus delivers flxible, customer adapted systems for connecting land power to all kinds of feed barges. We have experience with 1kV and 22kV solutions.

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