Increased Fluctus presence in the Faroe Islands

Aquaculture equipment supplier Fluctus has entered into an agency agreement with the Faroese company MP Teknik for the sale of Fluctus products in the Faroe Islands. The agreement was signed at the seafood fair in Barcelona last week.

“The Faroe Islands are a very exciting market with solid fish farmers. Our employees have extensive experience, especially in barges and feeding technology, and can contribute to continued development and growth for the industry. MP Teknik will be a valuable partner in this work, with skilled employees and customer focus. They give us the local expertise and proximity necessary to offer our customers the best solutions,” says Harald Lien, CEO of Fluctus.

CEO of MP Teknik, Petur í Gong, is looking forward to the collaboration:

 “Fluctus is a rapidly growing and an innovative equipment supplier. They have the same values as us, where the customer’s wishes and needs always have the highest priority.

Fluctus makes no secret of the fact that increased focus abroad is also a consequence of the uncertainty caused by the introduction of economic rent (Salmon tax) in the Norwegian market:

“The introduction of economic rent on aquaculture has had a negative effect on the supplier industry as a result of reduced investments. In order to maintain sales activity, we, like many other supplier companies, look abroad to expand our customer base,” adds Harald Lien of Fluctus. 

Fluctus and MP Teknik
Fluctus and MP Teknik