Hima Seafood chose water feeding from Fluctus

Fluctus has signed a contract with Eyvi for delivery of a water feeding facility to land-based trout farm Hima Seafood at Rjukan, Norway

In the project, Hima has a strong focus on the environment, and the use of water to transport feed reduces both energy requirements and emissions of microplastics from the feed hoses. In addition, water feeding reduces noise, and less feed crush and dust is expected.

Procurement Manager at Eyvi, Stefan Dokken, explains why they chose Fluctus as a supplier: – Fluctus’ solution with water feeding ensures the transport of feed in a safe and gentle way with as little pellet crush/waste as possible. The solution seems compact, robust and technically simple. Fluctus has demonstrated good references and test results and we feel confident that the chosen solution is the right one for the project.

Sales Manager at Fluctus, Knut Bjarte Otterlei, looks forward to the delivery: -We look forward to contributing towards this exciting project and to delivering a feeding solution that provides efficient feeding in a sustainable way.

Otterlei generally experiences great interest in Fluctus ‘ water feeding solution: –Fluctus has focused on making the system as simple and user-friendly as possible, both with a special waterlock and an associated distribution valve. We believe it has given us the market’s least complicated water feeding system and we are experiencing great interest in our solution, both in Norway and abroad.

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