Two of Gratanglaks’ most recent barges have been supplied by Fluctus.

Gratangen is a municipality in Troms and Finnmark county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Central Hålogaland (source: Wikipedia)

-The product we buy must be adapted to our needs in terms of the safety of the employees. We get that through Fluctus,” says Kristian. Bredahl at Gratanglaks.

Bredahl emphasizes that the most important thing is to feed the salmon. Every day, all year round. The barges that have been delivered have Fluctus feeding system.

Fluctus Sales Manager feed barges/ co-founder, Runar Hatlevik, is pleased with the good feedback.

-Satisfied customers are important to us so we truly cherish such feedback. We have extensive experience with feed barges and work every day in cooperation with fish farmers to further develop both feed barges and other products for the benefit of this fantastic industry,” says Hatlevik.

Fluctus customer: Gratanglaks

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