Feeding systems to China

Fluctus to deliver four feeding systems to China’s largest trout farmer

The equipment supplier Fluctus and the Chinese trout farmer Qinghai Minze Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture signed the contract for four feeding systems and spreaders on AquaNor’s (Trondheim, Norway) opening day.

-We look forward to working with Minze Longyangxia, which we perceive as a solid and exciting company. Fluctus will contribute with extensive experience and expertise within fish farming equipment in general and feeding solutions in particular, says Harald Lien – general manager of Fluctus.

Of the four feeding facilities, three will have air-borne and one water-borne feeding.

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-It is particularly exciting that Minze Longyangxia will use Norwegian water-borne feeding technology that provides efficient feeding in a sustainable way. We are experiencing great interest, both in Norway and abroad, for our water-borne feeding solution, Lien continues.

Foreign markets have become even more important for Norwegian suppliers in the past year.

-We are experiencing reduced investments in the Norwegian market, which we assume is still affected by the disorderly process regarding the new tax on fish farming. It is therefore both natural and necessary for the supplier industry to look abroad. The contract with Minze Longyangxia is our largest single feeding system contract ever and marks a milestone for Fluctus, says Lien

Ying Miyan, CEO and Chairman of board of Minze Longyangxia explains their decision:

-Having in place reliable and durable feeding systems is an important part of our agenda for digital transformation of our farming practice. Through our communications, Fluctus team has shown not only strong competence and agility, but also a strong service mindset.

-In addition to air-borne feeding that is already common on our farms, we are excited to try Fluctus’ water-borne feeding solution – to further improve feeding performance in a more sustainable way, which has always been a main priority of our business.