A driving force

As a customer of Fluctus, you have a unique opportunity to discuss different solutions and commission a customised barge. Alternatively, Fluctus can supply one of their standard barges.

You will find feed barges from Fluctus along the entire Norwegian coast, and to an increasing extent also outside Norway.

Fluctus is proud to have employees who have been among the driving forces behind the development of designs and solutions that have become industry standards. Through close collaboration with our customers, this is a continuous and ongoing process, developing concepts and systems that make Fluctus an important supplier of critical infrastructure in the aquaculture industry.

For almost thirty years, the employees at Fluctus have been involved in the design and production of more than two hundred feed barges for the aquaculture industry. Fluctus has expertise in drawing and design, as well as extensive experience from projects on boats and other barge concepts. Everything is drawn in 3D.

Our idea and philosophy is that a flexible approach to customer adaptations, combined with close follow-up during the construction process, will result in a final product that satisfies everyone – and that will define Fluctus as a driving force in the development of new technology and solutions for the aquaculture industry.

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